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Welcome to TickTOOL!

TickTOOL provides information and practical advice to help you protect yourself and your family from black-legged ticks. 

Across this platform, you can test your knowledge on ticks and the diseases they can transmit, learn how to incorporate preventive behaviours into your routine, and evaluate your prevention strategy. Explore the following sections to get started:

About TickTOOL

With the expansion of tick populations across Canada, there is an increasing risk of encountering ticks. As some species of ticks can transmit diseases to people and animals through a bite, it is becoming more important for Canadians to protect themselves and their families in a way that is both consistent and feasible.

To promote these adaptations,researchers at the University of Montrealhave collaborated with theeTickteam atBishop’s Universityto develop TickTOOL. The primary objective of this platform is to provide practical information and advice so Canadians can integrate preventive behaviours which align with their lifestyle into their routines.

The development of TickTOOL is supported by theCanadian Institutes of Health Research,through theCanadian Lyme Disease Research Network (CLyDRN).

Cover photo by: CLyDRN